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Garage Door Openers

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Your entire overhead door system is relies on the electric opener, as this device is what controls the movement of the panels, any issue with it could cause the system's automation to malfunction. Just like any other complicated electro-mechanical mechanism, there are plenty of issues that your opener can develop, and it’s often difficult to determine whether you need a new circuit board, safety sensors realignment or even to have a new opener installed. Our experienced technicians have worked with units of practically every make and model and we can provide you with a fast and effective solution.

Installing A New Unit

One of the best things you can do to upgrade your garage door system is to invest in a new opener. Many modern models have special features, like Wi-Fi compatibility and a backup battery, which can make using them extremely convenient. It's important to consider the different options before making a decision in order to ensure that your new model is the perfect one for you. Our experts will gladly consult you on this, of course. But before we get to that, you'll need to decide which type of drive system is going to fit your home. The main distinction between different openertypes is the drive they use. Chain drive units are affordable and reliable but make a lot of noise, while belt driveopeners are silent and smooth but more expensive. Screw drive models aren’t as quiet as but they are far easier to look after, and are faster as well. Their main downside is they tend to be affected by temperature shifts. Once you've found the right model for you, our technicians will perform a fast and professional installation. We’ll ensure the unit is securely attached to the ceiling and that its trolley is attached to the door properly

The Different Potential Problems

It can be difficult to know what's wrong with your opener when it stops working all of a sudden. A broken motor gear can make it seem like everything is fine, except the door won't move when you try to open. A constantly reversing door could be the result of misaligned safety sensors, or issues with the circuit board. Identifying the cause and addressing it is something our technicians specialize in. Garage door opener repair is a complex service that must only be performed by professionals, to avoid accidently damaging the rest of the system in the process.

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Our technicians can handle any opener related problem, no matter which part of the unit is affected by it. Contact Garage Door Repair Canyon Lake today and let our experts take care of everything.

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