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Garage Door Maintenance

How To Prevent A Breakdown?

With A Little Bit Of Preventative Maintenance!

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance Service | Garage Door Repair Canyon Lake, TX

To keep your overhead door in great condition and make sure it stays safe and trouble free, all you need to do is let our team take care of the system's maintenance requirements. Our professional technicians will make sure the panels, tracks and all the other parts are properly cared for.

The Guiding System

How does your door know to move in a particular way without deviating? It doesn't. That's why it relies on a system of rollers and tracks, which guide its movement and prevent it from slipping or sliding off. If these parts aren't in great shape, though, they could lead to a situation where the door gets off track. Our team will inspect the rollers and replace them if they've become worn. We'll also check the tracks, straighten any bends or misalignment, and replace them entirely if they're condition is too worse for wear.

Ensuring Operational Safety

The opener is a major focus point of our garage door maintenance service. The reason for that is because this device is both the motor and the operating system of your door. We will make sure its drive system is in great condition, as is the motor gear and circuit board. Then we'll perform safety sensor tests which will determine whether the photoelectric eyes need to be realigned or if they are operating correctly and are able to adequately detect an obstacle. Needless to say, this type of test is incredibly important, as your door could be unsafe to use without you knowing it. Misaligned sensors will fail to function properly, and may put you and your family at risk.

The Muscles Of The System

Garage door springs have perhaps the most important job out of all the other parts of the system. They support the panels and pull and lower them according to the relevant action required. The opener provides the initial force, but the springs are doing the actual heavy lifting. That's why our repair specialists will examine them for deformed coils, lubricate them to ensure their efficiency and adjust their tension to prevent a scenario where loose springs cause the door to get unbalanced.

Let Us Handle Everything

Our team at Garage Door Repair Canyon Lake can make sure your door not only stays safe to use, but also efficient and effective, which will help it last for a lot longer. Give us a call today.

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