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Cleaning your wood garage door is easy; just remove any dirt, chalk, or mildew by washing it with a diluted solution of mild household detergent and warm water. Then, rinse with clean water and let it dry completely. For answers to any questions about your garage door, scroll down our FAQ page, or give us a call for friendly, helpful advice.

  • Why shouldn't I replace bottom rollers alone?

    Bottom garage door rollers are connected with brackets. The spring/cable system of your garage door is also connected with these same bottom brackets. If you attempt to replace the rollers, you might accidentally release the tension of springs and you'll get seriously hurt.

  • How do I test the sensors?

    The sensors must face each other; their lights must be on and properly adjusted. Our professionals also recommend checking the reverse mechanism by trying to stop the door from closing down while in movement. If it doesn't reverse upon contact, replace the sensors.

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