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Reasons for Torsion Spring Failure

05/26/2015 Back To Blog

If your garage door fails to open, the problem may be with your torsion springs. If that is the case, you need to have this checked and repaired professionally. In such cases, many homeowners wonder how this happens. To avoid complications, it is necessary to know that common reasons that can lead to torsion spring failure.

Reasons for Torsion Spring Failure

Things to watch out for to prevent torsion spring failure


Once your spring develops rust, this can lead to failure. Rust has a tendency to increase friction in the coil. In addition, this can corrode the coil as well as weaken the torsion spring. This problem can be prevented by spraying the coil with a lubricant every two to three months. This can lubricate the spring and eventually prevent rust from building up.

Each type of garage door has a specific spring type that would work on it. If the spring used is wrong, this can lead to failure. The spring can break and cause your door not to work properly. Aside from incorrect spring usage, general wear and tear can also be the cause of torsion spring failure. Springs last for a certain period of time and generally take about ten thousand cycles.

Poor maintenance is another reason why torsion springs can fail. It is best to maintain the garage door on a regular basis. You do simple routine maintenance tasks monthly, quarterly or annually. By scheduling regular maintenance on your door, you are preventing complications that can lead to serious damage and a dysfunctional garage door. By maintaining your door, you detect small problems and correct them before it gets complicated. When maintaining your door, there are several tests to perform like door balance test, photo sensor test, and reverse mechanism test.

Knowing the possible reasons why torsion springs fail can help prevent a garage door from malfunctioning. Watch out for these indicators and get your door checked if you noticed these signs on your door. This way, assuredly the door functions safely and properly all year round.

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