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How to Fight Garage Door Rust

02/08/2015 Back To Blog

You notice a few spots of rust here and there, but you think that it is nothing serious. This, however, is a huge mistake and can have a major impact on the garage door panels and parts. Rust appears because of moisture which will generally not go away unless you take special measures. Hence, the problem will keep growing and get ever harder to resolve. For these reasons, you must take action without delay.Garage Door Repair And Replacement in Canyon Lake 24/7 Services


Starting with Rust Removal

The primary thing is to remove existing rust so that it stops affecting the condition and performance of the hardware components of the system. Thicker layers of rust are removed with the use of steel wool. The thicker and stronger it is the better. Even with the best tool at hand, scrubbing the rust off the different garage door parts and panels may take a good amount of effort and time. When most of the rust is gone, appropriate solvent must be applied. It should help to leave the affected surface perfectly clean.


It is possible for some metal parts to have began to corrode. In this case, they must be removed quickly so that further issues are prevented. The main priority should be garage door cable replacement and spring replacement. You can also consider making improvements. If the existing rollers are severely damaged, you can have them replaced with new nylon ones. These are not only fully resistant to corrosion, but also quiet and maintenance-free.


Providing Effective Protection
In order to prevent rusting in the future, you should identify the source of moisture and eliminate it. Typically, moisture occurs due to condensation. The best way to stop this process is to install sufficiently thick and strong bottom seal and side and top seals. Keep in mind that these are subject to wear and tear and will have to be replaced with new ones eventually.


The other major protective measure is the painting of the panels. You must apply paint which is made for exterior use and which provides protection from moisture and the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Annual repainting is also required.


In case rust has caused huge damage to the sheet metal parts and panels, you should consider garage door replacement. This can be the better option.

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